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From the Desk of  founder National president Mr. S.P. Sharma

Initial introduction of organization

"Jan Sansadhan Vikas Avom Jeev Kalyan Samiti" is a registered social Organization. It is registered with the Asistant registrar of firms and society, Jabalpur (MP) zone under the “ Madhya Pradesh Society Registrikaran Adhiniyam 1973 ( Serial 44 of 1973) dated 17th April 2008 under registration number 04/16/01/10298/08.

As on August 15, 2018 we have registered more than 44 Thousand volunteers with our project. We are working on our “Swarnim Bharat Nirman Project” for last 10 or more years and have prepared the model to get results according to our vision. Now the project is to be launched shortly Nation Wide.

 The Vision of organization

To build our great country  India “BHARAT” more and most prospers, Capable in all aspects, having planned projects for the solution of major problems just like the unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, Health Problems, addiction, water conservation, plantation, Population control, dowry etc.

We have submitted 50 aims with the registrar to cover up the maximum public problems.  We have registered our working area as all India.

Our Mission

To collaborate with the undeveloped / unemployed or needy / interested people and motivate / support them to bring in main stream as per their academic qualification / Experiences for specific field as well as their financial situation. We provide them a unique platform of professional social workers to assist financially / morally, issuing the grants from organizational system (This system is a unique combination of Social activities, Business, Media and political development through social networking) for education, medical, business and other essential requirements as per the project’s rules and regulations in accordance of Social activities done by them.

We have unique plan to grow the running business of people, Develop the specific qualities just like political, journalism etc. We also prepare the social base for good political personalities to promot the good people in Indian politics.

We always respect our States and Center Governments, Different social and political organizations, All our public representatives / Political personalities irrespective of diffrent parties and well wishers of our nation. We always need and request all for their support to success in our mission in the intrest of our nation and citizens of our country.

A polite appeal

We politely request and appeal to all our political personalities irrespective of different political parties, all social and religious organizations, all states and Center government of India, All the well wishers of Nation and all capable person of our country, just try to understand our project of “Swarnim Bharat Nirman”  and help us morally, financially or adopt the whole organization/ its projects personally or through your settled national social organization or be our Volunteers, Project coordinators, Life members, Patrons from block level to national level so that we will be able to get success in our vision fastly.

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An Introduction Of Founder President And In Charge Of 'Swarnim Bharat Nirman National Project' "Shubhakansha" in his own words


I was born in district Meerut in western UP in a simple family in 1961. I lost my mother in the age of 7 years. I am Science Graduate of 1982. I have passed the Urdu Correspondence course from Jamia Milliya Islamiya University Delhi. I have completed the Hindi journalism Correspondence course from “Patrakarita Mahavidyalya Delhi”. I also have passed the correspondence courses of “ Patrakarita Avom Sampadan”, Lekh Rachna, Patrika Sanchalan, Patkatha Lekhan and Kahani Kala,’ from Kahani Lekhan Mahavidyalya, Ambala Cantt Haryana.

My stories, articles, poems, reports were oftenly published in various magazines during the period of my college time. Some of my Science fiction novels as “Bhayanak Taapu, Antriksh Ke daitya” etc were also published by “Laxmi Publications, Delhi”.

I joined Indian Posts and Telegraph department Delhi in 1984 and joined Indian Army in 1988 on deputation in the Rank of Warrant Officer, equaling to Junior Commissioned Officer. I faced Opreation'Parakarm' of Indian Army and served during “Kargil” war too. I left voluntarily from Indian Army as well as from my parent unit  in 2004.

Whole of my life is full of disturbances, struggles. The main reason for this was that I always thought about the poor people. I always wanted to do something unique to abolish the poverty, to abolish the unemployment problem, to be helpful for whole needy person.


It was not possible during government services and hence in the year of 2004 I decided to complete my dreams and prepare a plan to implement. I left from my, job, native place and shifted to the centre of India in Narsinghpur of MP state with the help one of my friend from Army as I always found myself in confidence. I settled here with family.

During the starting days I joined a Weekly Paper “Krantikari Sahara” in Indore as In Charge of National Edition. Later on establish the “Jan sansadhan Vikas Avom Jeev Kalyan Samiti” in 2008 and also got Registered “Swayam Sahara” title for news paper from RNI to implement my project through this organization.


I prepared long life plan for this work and decided to work on a model of “Swarnim Bharat Nirman Yojna”. I studied all situations and fixed a target to launch this model throughout India in 2018.

I faced too disturbances, problems, mental tension during this long time and finally we have reached at the target by my hard work and valuable cooperation of many same minded peoples. Now This Model is ready to launch nationwide.

Now I am searching for the appropriate people to hand over this unique system of socialism, business, journalism and politics combination having proper training to them.

I appeal all social minded, good politicians and public representatives as well as administrative personalities to show their interest in the success of this project.



Aao chale Saath- Saath, Safalta Ke Kuchh Kadam…!


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           My Thoughts


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Copyright 2009, Jan Sansadhan Vikash & Jeev Kalyan Samiti