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The release section pf grants to the volunteers is likely to be started. The date is not fixed due to the modification of website by our Website Director.

It is intimated that as per our rules published already.. the amount more than Rs 500/- will be laps after first closing of acconts.

all the volunteers are advised to complete their formalities to get Green Chanal of their entries before 15th August 2014.

After the date no entry of volunteers will be done before closing of Grants A/C.

Thanks And Regards
Shubhakansha Project Incharge

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Welcome to our Website

Let us walk some steps together,Towards success........

The Organization

Founded in 2008 as Jan Sansadhan Vikash Avom Jeev Kalyan Samiti, and Registered under Madhya Pradesh Society Rajistrikaran Adhiniyam 1973 (Sr. 44 06 1973) at Jabalpur (M.P.) on 17/04/2008 under Sr. No. 04/16/01/10298/08 having its working area as all India.

Vision Statement

The main reason of failure is the leek of proper guidance at proper time.


To confirm our participation with Indian Government and all well wishers to build 'India', a completely prosperous and peaceful nation.


To abolish completely the poverty, unemployment and illiteracy from entire 'India', using the easily available recourse with required people along with the cooperation of Indian Government and other well wishers, within the limitations of The Constitution Of India.

Copyright 2009, Jan Sansadhan Vikash & Jeev Kalyan Samiti